Interactive Charts & Widgets


We create responsive client side charts using the latest mobile friendly technology.

“Sunset Rainbow consistently delivers cleanly-coded, thoughtful solutions to tough problems.”
-Mike Kelly, Owner, Hello Pilgrim

“Helped us build one of our core offerings. Very professional, kept us posted with updates and got the job done quickly… also was very responsive with the changes we requested. We are very satisfied…”
Hector Vazquez, CTO,

 Search Engines


Everything from full function search engines to custom crawlers/screen scrapers. We can access password protected sites automatically (provided you have permission to access the sites.)

“I have worked with Sunset Rainbow on several projects and have been very happy with the service. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Completes the projects in a timely manner, always responds quickly with support questions and insures 100% satisfaction.”
Bill Walsh, President, Cruise Travel Outlet

Database Tools & Custom Integrations


“Henry [CTO, Sunset Rainbow] is an expert programmer. We hired him to write a PHP extension in C and he delivered quickly. His code is high quality and well documented. Henry provided consistent and reliable installation support.”
Michael DePetrillo, Smart Payment Plan

“I was incredibly pleased with Henry’s work. Not only was I regularly updated about the progress, the work was on time and well done. I highly recommend.”
Ivan Mora, Owner, Moracon, Inc.

Business Platforms


“Sunset Rainbow’s system has cut my time in the office in half! I am no longer chained to a desk or need to have my iPad handy. This software is compatible with my iPhone making it easy to work while out shopping, at dinner or sitting in the waiting room, if a client needs me. My business has clients that might need reservations right away and at all hours. I am now able to take reservations, change my schedule, update the instructor list or do just about anything, anywhere. Time is money and I save so much time with this software. I could not be more thrilled to have Henry and Sunset Rainbow behind me and my business.”
Michelle Burrell, Owner, Soho Cycling Studio, Tampa

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Customer service is second to none. I am in Hawaii and no matter what time of day I send them, my emails are responded to right away. They take excellent care of me, answer my questions, and address any changes I need (no matter how big or small) in a timely manner, even given the time difference. I am also impressed with the constant software updates and improvements.”
David Minardi, Honolulu Holo Fitness Studio Owner

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 Financial Trading Engines & Marketplaces


Transaction & financial number safe data handling.

“Henry at Sunset Rainbow is a first class web developer and software engineer. His knowledge and expertise in the field of complex payment gateways and modern technology standards is second to none. He’s always available to answer questions, delivers projects on time and provides an excellent follow up service. I recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient technology developer.”
Angelo Frisina, CCO, Sunlight Media

Software Tuning

“Henry worked with me on the billing system at Akamai [Fortune 500]. He has a nose for speeding up and simplifying code. He worked fluently in a variety of languages including C, Perl, and bash scripts. He worked on many parts of the billing system including the systems for processing logs; for synchronizing the distributed reporting system using ssh; for recording, summarizing, and reporting errors (including a system that used pagers to allow on-call engineers to get 5 different reports of systems status on demand). In one case he sped up the log processing by 1/3 so that the same work could be done one fewer machines.”
Bradley C. Kuszmaul, Architect at Oracle


“Henry was a great asset to our team. We built and managed a system to track all hits served by Akamai, along with a geographical and temporal breakdown, in real time. This was a serious engineering challenge, but Henry had control of all aspects, and ran the system after I left. He is self-motivated, can make precise vague specifications, and maintains focus until the job is done. I would definitely work with him again.”
Matt Knepley, Research Scientist


Henry is a motivated, forward-thinking as well as intelligent Software Engineer who has lots of knowledge in his field. When you really get to connect with him, you will find an amazing person who cares about his team. Henry leads by example and many people at Revcontent found his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. There was quite a few projects Henry worked on that he was able to take briefly defined requirements and follow them to completion. in addition to getting team feedback and adjusting accordingly. I would highly recommend him for any software or database engineer position.
Chris Maynard, SVP of Engineering at Revcontent

Henry is an Awesome Developer and problem solver and can tackle challenges many wouldn’t dream of taking on but his greatest asset is his zeal for life and as a true Genuine member of a team.
John Lemp, CEO at Revcontent, Partner Nextfund

Henry is a heads-down engineer who gets the job done while also collaborating carefully with stakeholders to ensure what he builds is exactly what they want. He never ceased to amaze me with his breadth of knowledge and his ability to learn new technologies quickly.
Tim Olsen, Lead Software Developer at Lime Spot

Henry is a detail-oriented, knowledgeable, full stack developer who has a keen attention to detail. Henry often worked directly with business teams to ensure he provided the best possible solution to the problem at hand.

Post-release he showed his professionalism by following up with them to ensure the solution was meeting their needs and handled any issues which arose.

He has extensive knowledge of backend systems and while at Revcontent, wrote a MySQL driver for the web framework we were using at the time to support enhanced scalability and throughput.

I would recommend Henry without hesitation for any software development or engineering position.

Peter Wilson-Ferrer, CTO at POWR, Director of Software Development at Revcontent

Was easy to work with, good for talking about new ideas that could be used in work, and an ability to take confusing writing and get clarity out of it.
Mark Shannahan, Owner, Tatiana Fashions