At Sunset Rainbow, we put customer service first.  We specialize in custom software solutions for business.  Sunset Rainbow exists to provide innovative, organic solutions to interesting problems. Sunset Rainbow was founded in 2008 by me, Henry McDaniel. I’ve worked for major companies, small business and individuals. My areas of expertise include Unix/Linux software, website backends, custom frontend code, administrative panels, and Internet Appliances, WordPress plugins,, Converge, Paypal, SVG, CSS/HTML/Javascript, REST APIs, data reduction and a bunch of other stuff..

I take pride in completing work professionally (on time, at or under budget) and I provide quality customer support. If a client I worked with 5 years ago contacts me, I don’t mind digging up the necessary files to help them out. I view my clients as being on my team and I will help you get to where you need to be.